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Human nature, in its most raw and desperate form, is to survive; at any cost. What we did to ourselves, and to each other, in order to stay alive out in the dark and cold depths of the forest shocked and shamed us to our very cores. The out-of-control events changed us. Forever. For now we know how high the cost of surviving can be, and that we were willing to pay the price; even if it meant someone else did not survive as a consequence.

Three women, six men, and one dog, set out on a good-intentioned, multi-day, off-trail hiking adventure. Laughing, joking, even flirting with each other, it all starts out so well. Until… well, you’ll have to read it to find out.

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The Fool’s Gold Route

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The Fool’s Gold Route; few attempt it; even fewer complete it.

The Fool’s Gold Route is a 75 kilometre wilderness route that is not a trail. It is marked, in some places, with surveyor’s flagging, and in other places it is merely a squiggly line on a map; no trail, not even a marked route. Even the sections that have been marked with flagging, much of the flagging has fallen down over the years. Route navigation is done not by following the flagging, but with map and compass; or by the use of a GPS unit. Either way, be prepared for a lot of bushwhacking. You may even have to backtrack occasionally in order to get back on course.

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Shake Block Cutter – Helicopter Timber Salvage: tales from the frontlines

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I felt privileged to be involved in such a unique and adventurous industry, and I knew it would disappear in the blink of an eye really; in several years, a decade at the most. I thanked my lucky stars every day I worked with this ancient and noble wood. I had the foresight to carry a 35 mm film camera with me for most of the ten years I spent pursuing this great wood. I knew that one day, when it all ran out, that the photographs I took would have significance.

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Beachcombing for Cedar Workshop – Summer 2018

Are you looking for fun and adventure this summer? Would you like to learn a valuable new skill that you can use to earn money? Are you interested in natural building? Then look no further. You won’t find another workshop like this anywhere in the world.

Make no mistake: this is a hands-on workshop. Not a retreat. You will be involved in the business of salvaging cedar from distant and remote beaches and splitting it into hand split shakes. At the end of each day you will be physically tired and ready for a peaceful sleep in the fresh forest air of the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada.

The main goal of this unique wood cutting workshop is to find and harvest driftwood on remote beaches that is suitable for the production of high-quality cedar shakes.

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