Cedar Guitar Tonewood

24 Inch Western Red Cedar Guitar Making Billet

24 Inch Western Red Cedar Guitar Making Billet

MASTER GRADE – purveyor of fine woods.

We are a musical instrument wood supplier of Western Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar hand-split guitar billets for Luthiers and Guitar Makers around the world. No live trees are cut down to produce our guitar billets – they are produced by salvaging waste material from the commercial logging industry.

Acoustic Guitar Sound Boards

The best-sounding acoustic guitars in the world use western red cedar soundboards. Use our premium quality block of cedar to make your guitar sound as best as it can. When considering the huge amount time and work of that goes into making a high quality guitar, it makes sense to use the finest materials available. Be sure the guitar or small stringed instrument that you are building sounds the best it can by using this red cedar tonewood (soundboard wood) which is loved by luthiers and guitar makers from all over the world.

Western Red Cedar Tonewood
Using Traditional Froe & Mallet

Using Traditional Froe & Mallet to Split Cedar

Our tonewood billets come in two standard lengths: 24 inches and 18 inches, although custom lengths can be ordered.

Old World Craftmanship

Our premium quality wood billet, for making guitars and other small stringed musical instruments, is split, rather than sawn, in order to verify that the grain is absolutely straight and flawless; no run-out, no twist, no wave, no knots; just absolutely straight-grained tonewood that will produce perfect soundboards. All guitar billets are 100% edge grain, cut exactly 90 degrees; no slant grain; no flat grain.

Our cedar billet is not a milled board. It is hand-split using handtools and old-world craftsmanship. Luthiers of high quality acoustic guitars and small stringed instruments will love this wood.

Tonewood for Soundboards w/ Yellow Cedar Sample

Tonewood for Soundboards w/ Yellow Cedar Sample

The longer length red cedar billets (24 inches +) can be used for the manufacture of full sized musical instruments, such as guitars. The billets 18 inches in length are suitable for small stringed instruments. An 18 inch block of tonewood is perfect for the making the soundboards for small-stringed instruments (chordophones) such as the, Mandolin, Autoharp, Ukulele, Violin – Fiddle, Lyre, Cello, Viola, Double bass, Banjo, Lute, Zither, Banduria, Hurdy-gurdy, Viola, Electric violin, Harp guitar, Cuatro, Fretless guitar, Guitarro, Tanbur and any other small stringed instrument.

Hand-Splitting Red Cedar Guitar Billets

Hand-Splitting Red Cedar Guitar Billets

Edge Grain Red Cedar Billets

Each billet (block of wood) is about 3 inches thick; thick enough to bandsaw it into enough high quality soundboards for 3 or more musical instruments. The width of the 100% edge grain varies with your requirements; please contact us and provide us with your desired dimensions. 9 inches of edge grain is standard for common guitars, but more than 9 inches is available upon special request. Less than 9 inches of edge grain cedar is perfect for small stringed instruments.

Yellow Cedar Cypress

Red Cedar Slab Split with Wedge

Yellow cedar (cypress) tonewood is also available. Yellow cedar is unique to this area (Western Canada) and only grows at relatively high altitudes (2,500 feet and above), except, strangely, in Brooks Peninsula, which sticks out from northern Vancouver Island, into the Pacific Ocean. Yellow cedar is of a bright and uniform yellow color, as has the same rot-resistant properties as red cedar. However, yellow cedar is a far more of a dense wood than red cedar, and is therefore much stronger and harder; great for structural purposes. Since yellow cedar grows up in the snowy reaches of mountainous terrain, it grows very slowly, creating a very high grain count. Truly a unique wood. A fine wood.

Your Guitar-making Wood Order

Before we send you your order, we send images to verify the color, dimensions and grain-count. All of our billets for producing sound boards are selected from wooden blocks that contain only absolutely straight grain; no defects whatsoever.

Sample Box of Guitar Making Wood

Sample Box of Guitar Making Wood

Ask about our Sample-Box for new customers: with your order of a red cedar billet, we include FREE samples of yellow cedar (Cypress), juniper (like teak, but with a very long-lasting pleasant odor), douglas fir, arbutus and other fine woods from this part of the world. Try them out, see if you like them. If so, please place an order. We will be delighted to have you as a valued customer.

Harvesting Dead Cedar Snags on West Coast of Canada

Dead Red Cedar Snag on West Coast of Canada

VERY rough estimates of the shipping cost on ONE (1) block of tonewood:

  • Anywhere in Canada: $20 CAD
  • Anywhere in USA: $35 CAD
  • Worldwide: $50 CAD

Please contact me for an exact shipping quote. Or use the Canada Post Shipping Calculator.

Satisfied customer references available on request.

Please contact me about guitar making wood via my contact page on this website.

Beachcombing for Cedar
Western Red Cedar Slab

Western Red Cedar Slab

Most people believe that wood found on the beach will be soaked, and sodden, with salty sea water. But I find that most of the wood I am salvaging is bone-dry, as it has been sitting high and dry, far up the beach, for years and years; being washed by years and years of rain. Some of the freshly floated-in stuff is a bit wet from the natural moisture the tree has when it was growing in the forest. Most floating wood is not in the sea for long; it washed up on the shore soon after escaping transport.


There’s an incredible amount of driftwood on the beaches of this area. 99% of it, or more, is the result of clear-cut logging; it escapes either log booms being towed in the sea, or falls off log-carrying barges, on its way to mills in Vancouver. Therefore, no live trees were cut down in the pursuit of these guitar-making billets; its all from logging debris which would normally be left to rot on the beach.