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Making one video can be easy. Making thousands of videos (or even hundreds of thousands) is not easy and would be very time-consuming. Not so with Video-O-tron.

Video-O-tron automatically creates personalized marketing videos from any database to help you improve your marketing strategy and customer engagement.

Video-O-tron can quickly generate thousands of highly personalized videos from any database, be it a specific customer database, a spreadsheet with product information, or any source of data.

database 01Now you can deliver fantastic personalized marketing videos to your customers by generating new powerful sales content for every customer or occasion.

Acquire new customers and retain existing ones by automatically generated personalized videos. Video-O-tron presents new and creative marketing possibilities.

The style of each video is defined by a completely customized video template, which can be designed in a way that is best tailored to your specific use and to deliver the message you want.

Email Marketing Campaigns

database blueSend highly personalized videos in your email marketing campaigns in order to improve your customer engagement.

Product Sales

Promote your products by automatically making a video for every product in your catalog that will increase your sales and brand awareness.

Information Presentation and Gathering

From missing persons to lost property, videos can be an effect means of presenting information or even gathering hard-to-find information on just about anything.

Free Trial Offer
  1. Send us a sample of your data.
  2. We work with you to custom design a suitable video template.
  3. When you are satisfied with the video template, Video-O-tron automatically creates unique videos from the sample data you send us and uploads them to YouTube.
  4. When you are satisfied with the sample videos, Video-O-tron can make a unique video for all of your products.

It’s that easy!

Video-O-tron Features & Benefits
  1. Every Video-O-tron project comes with a fully customized unique video template.
  2. A large selection of very human-sounding computer-generated voices is available.
  3. Your choice of a large selection of copyright-free background music.
  4. Recover the cost of producing the videos by using Google’s AdSense program.
  5. Many videos will appear high in Google’s search ranking system, complete with thumbnail image.
  6. Track and analyze your videos’ viewer traffic using YouTube’s Analytics system.
  7. Receive valuable viewer input from viewers via YouTube’s video message and comment system.
  8. Host all of your videos on YouTube (and other video hosting sites) for free, forever.
  9. Cutting-edge Search Engine Optimization on your video’s title, description and tags will bring more viewers to your video.
  10. The description of each video can contain a product link that leads directly to the page on your website where the product is sold.
How does Video-O-tron Work?
  1. After cleaning the provided data, the Video-O-tron software application reads the product data-feed line by line.
  2. For each line of data, the product title, product description and any other text is displayed in the video, as well as read out as dialog by a human-sounding text-to-speech engine.
  3. Each product image is automatically downloaded from the Internet, is cropped, re-sized and displayed in the video.
  4. Once the video is rendered, it is automatically uploaded to YouTube and/or any other video hosting site.
  5. Video-O-tron then optimizes (SEO) the video’s title, description and keyword tags, as well as inserting a clickable link to the product’s web page where it is sold by the merchant.
  6. Video-O-tron then moves on to the next line of data in the database and repeats the procedure until all products are represented.

The cost-per-video can be as low as 10 cents (USD) per video, depending on SEO options, the length of the videos, the number of synthetic voices used, the complexity of the video, and video upload options. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate. Please note that by using Google’s AdSense program, all or much of the cost of producing the videos can be recovered over time.

 Super Happy Shopper








Super Happy Shopper. Click image above to watch video. With almost 70,000 views, this product video has successfully promoted a great product, resulting in many online sales. The large number of video views has recouped the cost of producing the video many times over by using Google’s AdSense program.

Video-O-tron is a Canadian company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia (Silicon Valley North) that builds unique online video experiences in a fast, easy and affordable way.

Contact us for a free consultation and estimate. Take advantage of our no-risk free trial offer. Video-O-tron will make it work for you.